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Please tell us your contact details and living requirements. Once completed, this form provides our team with the key information it needs to search for and find the ideal UK property for you. Please include as much detail as possible.

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About you...



About you...

If you need help with this application because of language challenges, please contact your consultant and they will be happy to help.
If you would like to improve your written and spoken English... We provide excellent English Masterclasses which can support you regardless of your current level. Both your everyday English and your business English can be improved through the lessons.
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About you...

Please list the name, gender, age, and relationship to you for each person, one per line. This must include all adults and children.



About you...

Please note: Some landlords specify non-smokers only

Please let us know about the type or breed of your pets, and how many you have:

Please note: While some landlords may accept pets, others may limit the types of pets that are allowed, and still others will not allow pets at all.

About you...

Please provide details of who, the nature of their allergies, and whether their reactions are normally mild, medium, severe or life threatening


Where are you living right now?

The following section asks you a few questions about your current country of residence and your plans for UK relocation (click 'Next')...

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Your UK address:
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Other details:
Your Consultant, along with our Relocations Team, has a huge amount of experience and expertise that can save you a great deal of time and unnecessary expense. Please ask for more information on how we can help.

Your Work

Your current and future employment plans are the subjects for this next section. We find that as much detail as possible is helpful in encouraging prospective landlords to approve your request.

Work & Career


Your job title & role:

When do you expect to start this new position?

Your expected job title & role

When do you hope to start this new position?

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For example: savings, family, etc?

We will need proof of savings and bank statements at a later time

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Where you want to live

We are now going to ask you about where you wish to live in the UK and what kind of property you are interested in...

Your Property Preferences...


Provide us with the names of the areas or places you would like us to focus our search on:


Your Property Preferences...


Choose the amount that best suits your budget:

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Your Property Preferences...


Select any that are important to you:

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Your Property Preferences...


Paying your rent

Just a few more questions about rental payments and then you can submit this form...

Paying your rent...


Paying your rent...

Obtaining UK bank accounts is something we regularly advise our clients on and have tremendous experience with.
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You may need to to cover up to 12 months rental in order to quickly secure a property. At a later time, we will ask you to upload bank statements to support this.


Paying your rent...


如果可提早確定租盤,請問是否願意在到埗前預繳租金?-- Would you like to secure the rental agreement for a property before your arrival date, if it's currently available? Ask your consultant for more information if you are uncertain.

Your consultant will contact you. They will offer helpful advice and be able to answer your questions.

That's all the questions for now!


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