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Hi everyone, Hong Kong has grown to be a very special place for me, it is where my wife is from and where we were married. I have found it to be an incredible place with fascinating people and amazing stories.

Using my team and connections to support Hongkongers on their immigration, relocation and settlement  journey to my home country is a privilege for me. This is very meaningful and I just know I have to do it.

With my wife’s experience of immigration into the UK along with other Hongkongers, I know the struggles and challenges that people will face when new to the UK. With our knowledge and expertise, we are the painkiller to relieve all your pain from pre-immigration to after arrival in the UK.

This is why I want to support and educate Hong Kong people about UK life and how they can have a good future. I am delighted to be able to offer this to all of you now moving to the UK.

Our experienced lawyers can help with all UK Visas. BNO has become a key to enter the UK for many Hong Kong people, we are keeping up to date on the latest details to make sure we can provide the best service and solutions for people using the new BNO route.

I live in Hong Kong now, I would normally be up for a coffee but due to Covid-19 we can do a video call or WhatsApp chat instead. Stay safe and don’t forget to wear a mask!


Managing Director, HK UK Support

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