名校區.Harrow on the Hill 

By  Tung

🏡 早前同事到 Harrow on the Hill 睇租盤,環境相當優美。大家如果想移民英國,找租盤時可以考慮此區 😙

🏃‍♂️ 沿著斜坡緩緩上山,兩旁盡是精緻的英倫建築,著名的 Harrow School 就是位於區內。走在路上,會常常遇到 Harrow 的學生,可感受到濃厚的學術氣氛 👩‍🎓

🏫 除了校園佔地廣闊外,校方亦在區內買下了不少物業作員工宿舍及 Boarding House 之用,通常淺藍色門的便是 Harrow School 的物業 😀

☀ 2-bed flat 租金市價大概 GBP 1200-1400 左右,部份單位更可以遠眺 North London。不論是否 BNO Visa 持有人,租住或自置物置都可以考慮 😎

❤ 想搵一個英國的安樂窩? 歡迎搵我地傾下,我地可以按您們的情況,係買樓、租樓、入學、就業等方面俾 D 意見 🤝

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Tung Cheng has relocated from Hong Kong to the UK herself. Her combined experiences in both Hong Kong and the UK, along with her expertise as a digital marketer now makes her insights a valuable resource to a growing audience of Hong Kongers wishing to make the same transition to the UK.


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