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刊登日期: 2024/04/05


Alexandra一家於2023年4月聯絡團隊,計劃於9月抵達英國。當我第一次聯繫他們並進一步了解其移英大計時,他們仍未有確實的定居點。 因此,團隊試圖根據他們的要求縮小範圍,同時我們也幫助客人準備詳細的地區報告,讓他們更全面地了解及比較各地區。 最後經過與團隊進一步分析後,客人最後選擇Guildford為目標落腳地👏





It’s been a week after we came. So many things happened, so many things needed to be taken care of.

Our family wanna thank you for all of your and the team’s help during the process.

Especially Stephen, explaining all the new things for us when we don’t understand. Helping along with the process. It’s our pleasure to have you all along.

Hannah, helping us to contact the EA, submitting offers, always be there for us.

And the team, searching the properties might be suitable for us, providing the detailed report of the places we are interested in.

Joe, the boys and me wanna say, “Thank you very much!”



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