By  Winnie

刊登日期: 2023/09/01

客人T小姐於6月接觸HK UK Support,希望在香港人熱門地點 — Solihull,找到屬於Outstanding中學校網內的租盤。由於距離到埗的時間只有一個多月,我們團隊立即了解T小姐的租樓要求及心儀的中學校網,火速為她安排預約睇樓。很幸運地,我們不久已經為她們一家找到符合要求的安樂窩,可以於抵英前入伙。 ​




非常感謝T小姐一家給我們團隊的5星留言😍 :
💬We have a saying that we can rely on friends when going abroad. I am very glad that I can meet Anita from HK UK. This time, thanks to Anita’s help, I was able to rent the property that is an ideal place for my family within half a month. During the process, I was deeply moved because I fully feel that Anita is doing her best to help me, and she is very happy to answer me even about things other than renting a house. I wholeheartedly thank her for her help. In addition, I am very grateful to Winnie for helping us collect furniture after we rented the house, deal with the big and small things in the house, and help us report problems to the owner. She also patiently answered our questions. Thanks to the help of Anita’s team our family was able to start a new life in the UK in such a short period of time. Of course, the happiest thing is to meet these two new friends in the UK.



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