HKUK Support has just celebrated it's 1st Birthday - Many of our clients, team and friends joined in the celebrations

Founded on 30th June 2020 by Garrick & Cindy, HKUK Support Ltd is continuing to support people in so many different ways across the world.

HK UK Support

In its first year, the company gathered strength, momentum and won its 1st award!

Working with a hand selected experienced team to offer the best service, Garrick & Cindy have been able to offer support and help to so many Hong Kong families who are now starting their new lives here in the UK.

Please Show Your Support For Wishing Garrick & Cindy And HKUK Support Ltd A Very Happy 1st Birthday...

Garrick hedges with Cindy Hang, HK UK Support 2021

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Addendum: We are now several months past this wonderful celebration of HK UK Support's success so far at the hands of the leadership offered by Garrick and Cindy. Thankfully the whole team are now coming out of the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown and things are just beginning to return to normal.

The new office has opened up and the local team members work there regularly. The summer holiday season is coming to an end, so we are expecting a big rise in enquiries, and we look forward to helping more people with their journeys from so far away.

Roland Hedges, Late August 2021

HK UK Support

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