Our Hong Kong to UK Customers

Who Chooses to Use HK UK Support Services?

Families With Children

With our one-stop service, we’ll support you and your family with finding a home, school and job in the UK and provide you with everything you need to settle in as quickly as possible.

Hong Kong Businesses Relocating to the UK

Business Owners Relocating

Our network of handpicked business experts and investors offer personalised support for business owners and entrepreneurs relocating to the UK. If you run a business or want to start one, we have a service for you.

Career Professionals

We have a team of recruitment specialists, career coaches and headhunters, making it as simple as possible for high-flying HongKongers to continue their careers in the UK.

Career professionals who relocate to the UK from Hong Kong

Overseas Investors from HK

Looking for businesses and properties to invest in? We’ll research viable investment opportunities, introduce you to our wide network of business property experts and provide merger and acquisition support.

BNO Visa Holders

Our specialist immigration lawyers can help you find out if you’re eligible for a BNO visa, offer advice for immigrating and guide you through every step of the application process.

Hong Kong BNO Visa holders coming to the UK

Hong Kong Applicants for UK Visas

Visa Applicants to the UK

Whether you’re unsure about which visa to apply for or you’re struggling to compile the correct documents, our immigration lawyers are on-hand to offer advice and support with your visa application.

Recent Arrivals in the UK

If you’ve already arrived in the UK but haven’t quite settled in yet, our team can assist you with everything from finding a new place to live to learning to speak like a local.

Broad Support for Hongkongers

We know this is a challenging time for many HongKongers and we’re committed to providing exceptional support to make sure your journey to the UK goes smoothly. It’s a great privilege to provide you with this service.

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