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The Story of Our Own HK to UK Journey

Working together to plan your future

Moving your entire life across the world is of course a challenging experience, but we’ve always believed that with the right people around you, even the most difficult situations can be handled with ease.  

That’s why we started HK UK Support, to make it as simple as possible for Hongkongers to set up their new lives in the UK, and get a head start in creating a wonderful future for themselves and their families. 

Garrick Hedges, Founder HK UK Support Ltd

A bridge between East and West

Back in 2017, our founder, Garrick, a British entrepreneur, moved to Hong Kong with his wife Cindy, a native Hongkonger. He was amazed by the city, its culture and its people, and Hong Kong quickly became home for him.  

With a deep sense of connection to both the UK and Hong Kong, Garrick felt he could act as a bridge for HongKongers embarking on their journey to Britain. 

Garrick and Cindy in Hong Kong on their Wedding Day

Building a powerful network

Garrick put together a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly team with decades of experience in their respective fields. 

Since launching, we’ve helped hundreds of Hongkongers with advice, resources and services – everything they need for a stress-free move.  

His network of influence continues to expand across the UK.


Garrick (left) with Penny Mordaunt MP, Leader of the House of Commons

We aim to become the UK’s number one relocation service for HongKongers…

To provide unparalleled support to the people of Hong Kong. To create the largest support network made up of the highest quality experts. To make sure every one of our clients has the best chance at success in the UK, whatever that means for them.

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