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We have combined the skills and expertise of ex-Hongkongers who have made the move to the UK, along with qualified advisers and professionals. They are eager to support you.

Garrick Hedges, Founder HK UK Support



With his extensive business background (M&A, Business Club, other directorships) he is clearly very passionate in helping others achieve their goals. As founder of HK UK Support he continues that tradition providing win-win solutions for all.

Anita Kwok, Relocation Consultant, HK UK Support

Senior Development Manager


Anita has over 20 years experience in wealth management and financial services. With her outgoing personality and knowledge of different cultures, she is perfectly placed to help you build a successful future in the UK

George Sanne, Corporate Relations, HK UK Support



George is a UK Finance head-hunter and career coach. He has worked with people from Hong Kong for many years to help develop their career in the UK finance industry and support them after they have relocated to the UK.

Wynne Lee, Relocations Consultant, HK UK Support



Wynne has enjoyed over 20 years in educational environments and brings her high level of experience to looking after our clients. She's settled well into UK life and provides superb support to everyone embarking on their own UK journey.

Rom Cura, Property Searcher, HK UK Support



Being a Gold Award Winner in Property Sales, Rom is a team player who is skilled and dedicated to providing expert service. He now uses those skills to the advantage and benefit of our clients, finding them the best homes possible to live in. 

Hannah Cura, Customer Support, HK UK Support

Customer Support


Hannah is known for her enthusiasm and positive approach. Well-trained in the Real-estate sector, she has a background in property search and happily uses her expertise in guiding clients to pick the best homes and locations for themselves.

Cindy Hang, Adviser, HK UK Support

Financial Contoller


With family run businesses in the UK for 16 years and having lived, studied and worked here herself for over ten, she has a deep understanding of life for Hong Kong people settling in the UK and is always giving thorough & realistic advice.


Hong Kong Sales Manager


I'm a UK-educated real estate professional with over 15 years of experience. Passion for sales drives me to help clients find their dream homes. My diverse background has given me unique perspectives and I'm delighted to help others achieve their goals.

Roland Hedges, Marketing, HK UK Support



Marketing Programmes and IT Integrations are Roland's focal point. He has led and developed many projects for clients across a variety of markets and is now ensuring HK UK Support stays at the leading edge of accessibility for its clients.

Michele Hedges, Settlement Advisor and Relocations Specialist



In organisations of all sizes, Michele has for years liaised between clients and key decision makers. With her keen industry knowledge she excels at communicating and her tenacious can-do attitude makes her an ideal relocation partner.

Natasha Dunley, Property Searcher, HK UK Support



With her background in Marketing Management in the AV sector, Natasha ensures HKUK clients have a seamless move to the UK, managing accounts, understanding clients, ensuring they find the ideal property for their requirements.

Brian McGee FRSA

Principal Education CnsLT.


Brian is an experienced senior manager in education, skilled at building pathways to senior school and university for students from diverse backgrounds. He brings his passion and skills to HKUK Support opening new pathways for our clients.

Ann-marie Vaux, General Manager, HK UK Support

General Manager


UK based, Ann-marie is accomplished in the IT and the Managerial Services sector. She ensures the day to day running of HK UK Support is kept smooth and that the highest standards of professional support are maintained for every client.

Stephen Chum, Relocation Consultant, HK UK Support

Relocation Consultant


Stephen is a native Hongkonger with over 20 years of experience in B2B & B2C client servicing. Now living in the UK, his passionate and detailed approach places him as the missing piece of the puzzle to your successful UK relocation plans.

Winnie So, Relocations Assistant, HK UK Support



Born and educated in Hong Kong, Winnie is a marketing professional specialized in wholesale and B2C channels. With her positive character Winnie is your perfect partner supporting you throughout the relocation journey.

Tung Cheung, Marketing and Suppport Officer, HK UK Support

Marketing & Support


Having grown up in Hong Kong, Tung is dedicated to sharing the latest news and tips about moving to the UK to support Hongkongers. A positive and passionate digital marketer, with over 6 years  in social media and content marketing.

Ollie Elshout,, Property Searcher, HK UK Support



Having extensive experience in property and land investment, Oliver has accrued much specialist knowledge, serving our clients well. Paying attention to client needs, he ensures they have the ideal home to come to when arriving in the UK

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