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Our professional UK migration team assists you throughout your journey – we can secure a property that fits your timeline and ticks your requirements. Our involvement doesn’t end at property search. We provide a personal assistant working alongside our high profile team to coordinate the entire process, from aiding you with the property search, choosing the best gas and energy suppliers and registering for council tax, to helping you fix unexpected challenges such as a broken key, energy switch went wrong and more. That’s where the QUALITY shines through. Our team will be there to emotionally support you and carry out all the work you need to do.


Once you have found the properties that suit your needs, we can view your desired properties, and our professional consultants will provide you with their expertise and advice. Our services do not limit the number of properties you can view until you have successfully rented or purchased your property.


Our team comprises of property professionals with many years of experience and excellent local knowledge in both sales and lettings, taking on the burden of all the paperwork on behalf of you.

  • A lawyer with MA and BA, University of Cambridge who speaks 5 languages
  • A property estate agent for London’s super prime locations including Mayfair, Kensington and more


We negotiate for you to achieve the best price and terms, ensuring you get the right property at the right price, such as adding new furniture and repainting the whole wall if needed. We also help you haggle for a lower rent in advance.


We have direct access to nearly 100 top real estate agency brands with over 1200 offices nationwide, accessing over 40,000 rental properties every month for our clients. This also allows us to provide off-market properties and book early viewings giving our clients priority access. We have strong relationship with many UK estate agents who understand our clients’ situations, making the whole rental process much smoother and more straightforward.


HK UK Support’s team is located across the UK. Whether you are looking to move to popular destinations among Hongkongers, or prefer staying in some lesser-known British towns, we can also deliver virtual tours for properties and destination analysis.


In addition to the property rental service, we understand that you may experience unexpected problems right after moving in. In our 2-week after moved-in support, setting up council tax, utility and other accounts is just a small part. If your internet does not work, ex-tenants' belongings still in the house etc, we will be here to resolve it for you. It is easy to provide a service when everything is going well, but when there is an issue, that’s where the QUALITY shines through, we always stand by the side of the client until the very end, this is why it is called "Rental and Settlement Service", we aim for everything are nicely settled and we want to see a happy start for you and your family.

Steps for a Seamless Property Rental Journey



Get to know your desired areas

and discuss the estimated arrival date with you



Conduct online research and provide properties that match your criteria



View properties on your behalf and help you to make a decision on your new home



Negotiate for you to achieve the best price and terms before signing the tenancy agreement



Take on the burden of all the paperwork on behalf of you



Provide 2-week support after your move-in

Still Looking for the best place to live in the UK?

When you are deciding which area is the best for you, there are many factors to take into consideration, such as living costs, nearby employment opportunities, crime rates, as well as schools. HK UK Support’s team is located across the UK. Our rental services cover not only the search for properties and viewing, but we also communicate closely with our customers throughout the process, and our professional consultants will give expert advice until you have rented your new home successfully. 

Customer Successful Stories

#New Malden — Renting a home before moving and getting settled once arrived

Jack and his family expected to arrive in the UK in November 2021, and they tried to rent their new home from Hong Kong. Jack mainly considered properties in New Malden based on his previous travel experience. He managed to find a place in no time, unfortunately he got rejected at the last minute even when he had paid a holding deposit. After experiencing problems with his rental, Jack decided to use our rental services in August 2021, and we got him a property of his choice within 3 weeks. While communicating with the landlord on Jack’s behalf, we found there’s something wrong with the listing. After getting Jack’s confirmation we withdrew the rental offer and got back the deposit successfully.

We’ve been looking for more suitable properties for Jack since then. There’s one of which he really liked, yet after evaluation our team didn’t find it fully suitable for the family. After further discussions he accepted our suggestions to continue with the search. Finally a few days later we’ve helped Jack find his perfect home, we got the keys in September and ensured that everything would be in order when they get settled and start a new chapter in their life in November.

Thank you very much for your help. I would like to say that your team is very helpful, and sorry if any trouble was caused by our end. It is very cold today, but the sky is beautiful and no rain and really a good day for us.

Thank you very much for your team and your team helps us a lot for moving in UK!


#Wokingham — Prestigious off-market properties for top schools

Billy and his family joined our rental scheme in November 2021 and expected to arrive in Wokingham in March 2022. Their considerations are similar to those of most family customers, with education as the key. Billy has found a preferred primary school for his child, so he’d like to live within 1 mile or even 0.5 mile of the school.

We understand where he’s coming from. Because of these requirements the choice of rental properties would be more limited. We stay updated with the local property market and arranged viewings once suitable properties were available. While we’ve arranged 3 viewings within a month, the properties in top neighbourhoods for high-performing schools were highly competitive! After failing to make the offer for a few times, they inevitably felt disappointed, and the rental market in the UK was indeed more competitive than expected.

We discussed our strategy with Billy and hoped he didn’t feel too frustrated as this is a common issue for renting a home in the UK. We have partnered built a collaborative relationship with other agencies across the UK. They understand the specific requirements of HK UK Support’s customers and hope to maintain our effective collaboration. With these advantages we could be the first to show him 2 suitable off-market properties and view them.

On 17th March 2022, Billy and his family finally arrived in the UK. Feeling happy with their new home, Billy sent us this message:

Thank you Stephen and the team! Beautiful weather today and my kids are really excited!


We’re delighted to have helped Billy find his new home. Looking back on the renting, even though Billy has viewed only 5 properties, all of them were handpicked by us. Having more viewings doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier to rent your home, more importantly we have to understand what customers need to help you get settled effectively and efficiently.

#Milton Keynes — A couple looking to rent with 4 cats

It can be challenging for tenants with pets to find a suitable home, as most UK landlords don’t allow pets. Our customers are a couple with 4 cats who’d like to start their new life in the UK. When our team started looking, some properties didn’t allow pets, some allowed but for one only. Eventually we found a landlord who allowed 4 pets, so we reached out and arranged a viewing. Before we’ve both agreed to the contract terms, there’s been a little bit of hiccups:

  • Since the property has just been resold, our team needs to verify the new landlord and check all the legal documents as well as the tenancy agreement, then they could sign the agreement.
  • After our customers agreed to start the commencement date earlier, the landlord helped furnish the bathroom and kitchen, purchase and install a new fridge, a washer and more.

We know it’s not easy to find a home that allows pets. Even if the landlord allows them, the rent could be higher. Our advice is to choose ‘unfurnished’ properties during your search, or suggest to the landlord that you will pay for deep cleaning in order to have a bigger chance to get the offer.  

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